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Poem read at The Gathering 2/2/20 – Jeff Snyder

This is why we can’t have nice things
Because your love gets twisted
And suddenly the goal is creature not creator
The One who fills all things is not found in that which is produced
So your product is rejected
But you can’t hear that over the sound of the applause
It’s the always sneaky goal of Adam to still be strong and lauded
We think we’re not guilty but we applauded

We try to landscape around a tree with an axe laid to it
God pronounces an end to a thing while we still ballyhoo it
Are you really afraid my child
to just continue with Me?
You say you can’t take it with you
but spend a lot of time packing?

The reckoning is this
Is Christ in it?
The measuring is this
Weighed? Wanting?

You should be scared to come round the throne with that resume
That usually reliable list of your skills and accomplishments
Yes I said scared
Does that concern you?

The fear of the Lord is a sobering cup
So drink up until your levity has left you

All will be reviewed
Does that bother you?
All will be examined
And checked for the Life
But it’s vastly important that you can tell the difference
between THE Life and the shadowlight that passes for life

Have you gotten confident?
Can you take it from here?
Are you ready to finish My words
and speak for Me?
Strange that My bride comes out leaning
but the church is proud of being self-supporting

This is why we can’t have nice things
Because what is shiny takes on wings
and becomes the object of your affection
And I am jealous
Will you call that petty?
If I leap into your production
and blast it into confetti
Except its not a celebration
Unless we’re taking joy in the destruction of what kills first love
Because I will kill for love
Sacrifice a Son for love
I will demand that the goal is not rewritten
Remember I’m the One who doesn’t want the boundary markers moved
I set the focal point and I’m content with it
Are you?

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