4451 Hwy 49, Vanleer, TN 37181

The Gathering in Vanleer has no affiliation with Wayne Jolley’s “The Gathering International”

We want to clear up any potential confusion about the name of our home church here in Tennessee. Terry and Donna founded and currently oversee a church in Dickson county called The Gathering.

Recently we became aware of a ministry in a neighboring county with a similar name, The Gathering International, founded by the late Wayne Jolley. We have no affiliation of any kind with Mr. Jolley or his group and have never met them. In fact, we were unaware of them entirely before we heard on the news of the allegations of wrongdoing brought against the group after Mr. Jolley’s death. The only connection we have is an unfortunate similarity in our names.

Many have found the information about Mr. Jolley’s ministry while searching for us. Since this has caused some confusion and concern, we want to set the record straight.

Thanks for your continued faith and support!

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